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Cantinero Q & A

Frequently asked questions... Click to download pdf

Better For The Metaphor

NPR-Best CDs of 2008

Weekend Edition's Ned Wharton picks ”Better For The Metaphor” as one of his favourite CDs of 2008... click for more


"Smart, highbrow pop makes this album work from start to finish.”.Jason Macneil... click for more

NY Times

Writer T Cooper picks "My House" as one of her top 15 Favourite for more


"His sophomore recording smacks of carefully crafted pop tunes that cling tenaciously to your brain like a barnacle.” . Sharon Nichols... Click for more

"An immediate contender for the hearts of discerning indie music fans around the world”(Press release)... click for more

Skope Entertainment

"Cantinero has such an original sound where it just makes you stop and say, WOW! Variety is the spice of life and Cantinero loads this one up with tons of spice and surprises. Watch out music world, this Indie artist is coming strong!” . Jimmy Rae... click for more

Music Emissions

"Looking for some great new singer/songwriter but not too traditional? Then look no further than Cantinero.” .Dennis Scanlan... click for more


"Delightful second album from transatlantic singer songwriter.” . Joe Ward... click for more

Acoustic Exchange

"Each song is an exercise in ultra-incisiveness, from the lyrics (which, as biting social commentary, are far more insightful and witty than 90% of the pop realm's)”... click for more

Wildy's World

"Cantinero is unique. It is highly unusual to find a songwriter so equally gifted in both composition and lyrics, but Chris Hicken is just that” .Rating: 5 Stars (Out of 5)... click for more

Roll Magazine

"Lights Went Out" is another classic pop tune you might swear you have heard before, the hooks so alive they burrow into your ear like those space slugs from Star Trek 2: The Wrath Of Khan, though with, assuredly, a far more pleasurable result.” . Crispin Kott... click for more

Eat Sleep Drink Music

"Christopher L. Hicken, the man behind the Cantinero name, has quite possibly created the best indie sleeper hit album of 2008, Great stuff.” .Jason for more

Minor 7th

" Cantinero mines some underutilized spectrums of the pop palette in ways that are especially notable for a contemporary male vocalist. You'll find a bit of the throwback, a bit of the timeless and a good deal of pure, unadulterated listening pleasure.” .Steve Klingaman... click for more

Championship Boxing

Q Magazine

"A winning fusion of strummed acoustics and brawny ballads” with “deliciously poignant lyrics” ... Cila Warncke


"A grab bag of pop delights" and "taking pop-rock conceptions and blending in subtle textures, he's sure to leave a lasting imprint on a new generation of alternative rockers".


“Bottom Line this is one of the most beautifully eclectic Cds in recent times”... Ullrich Maurer

Stuff Magazine

“The trippy and addicting songs of Chris Hicken are hard to define, so we made up this word to do it : radicool

Splendid magazine

“A prolific songwriter with a majestic voice, Hicken is raw, affecting and honest—a quality often lost in the melding pot of today’s music"... Sean Sullivan

Delusions of Adequacy

"Championship Boxing is like the perfect glass of lemonade on a hot sunny summer day" and "A perfect example of how to show the soul of what pop music is missing these days"...Jason Wilder

Tuned in Music

"Traveling the road of finding his niche in an ever-changing music industry, Hicken has found his home by simply being himself—truly original and dedicated to the music he wishes to create".

Observer Music Monthly

"Chris Hicken returns as an accomplished singer-songwriter".

Birmingham Evening Post

"Fresh and sophisticated, strikes a poised balance between confessional acoustic singer-songwriting and a technology-focused approach to sound" ... Terry Grimley

Undertoner Magazine

"There is an overriding intensity, warmth and honesty in the tracks, you really feel that each song has its own unique personality"... Lars Simonsen


"Excellent and No mistake".

Woman's Own

"An ambitious but satisfying debut".

Rock Feedback

"You'll be seduced by it"...Clara Burtenshaw

UK Fusion

"A subtle cocktail, easy to enjoy and a pleasure to be repeated".


"A glorious gloopy mish mash of all your favorite flavors rolled into one"... Becky Ross


"Well crafted with soaring melodies, Championship Boxing demonstrates what happens when talent outstrips ambition".

South Wales

"A quirky uniquely melodic snap shot of East Village life that is highly recommended" And "A glorious and casual melodic sound"... Gareth Phillips